Monday, September 1, 2014

Spirited Away

It all happened when I was watching The Simpsons...

(Read the whole post first before going to the link.)

  There was an episode of The Simpsons when it had a theme of a movie. I remember watching that movie but I don't remember the name. So my mom looked it up.( Thank goodness we have a computer.) She found out that it was called Spirited Away.

 All I remember is that a little girl (about my age.) was in Japan lost. Her parents smelled some thing  really good, and tried to find it. They found it, it was a food court for the out doors. They began to eat what ever was on the table. The little girl was so scared.

 She ran off. Then she came back and found out that her parents were pigs.(Talk about weird.) That's it. And the movie is 2 hours long.
 I got on the computer and started to look if I could see if I could watch it. (Since it is anime it would be a little weird.) I found it in the afternoon. I watched it and it made so many memories come back. I love the movie. It is probably my favorite movie now.

 If you would like to see it I'll link the website at the end of this post.
P.S I do remember the dragon boy. ;)

Hopefully you'll like it too. Make sure you have permission by you parents to make sure its ok to watch for a younger crowd. (If there is one.)

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Liberty was a very good girl, and this is why:

When I was a little girl I loved Liberty. Liberty was a Border collie mix. (I think she was a mix) She was probably the funnest dog I ever met.When she is not looking she hits her face straight in to the wall, fall on her face when she is running and about to turn, and would talk. Liberty had one thing to say each and every day, "I WOV U!"

She would let me lay on her too. She loved to give out free kisses. Her kisses were probably the most slobbery kisses in the world.

Since she was a herding dog when ever Zoe (our dalmatian) would catch a ball Liberty would go CRAZY!! I thought that was funny. When it would be a school day I would ask Liberty, "Want to go to school?" and Liberty would jump on top of me like she would say yes. When I would  get out of the car to get to class, Liberty would bark.

But Liberty would had one problem, she couldn't stop fighting with our "alpha" Zoe. We spent a lot of money to fix Zoe. The fighting would get worse each time she would fight, she couldn't stop fighting. Liberty did it 4 times. We called the Vet and he said that it was time to put her down. We asked, "When do we have to do that?" He said the very next day. The second I heard that I went straight in to my room crying. so the next day we went to the vet. He put her in the back to put this medicine to make her sleep so she won't feel any pain. He brought her back in the room with a needle in his hand.

She was laying on a blanket when she was slowly put to sleep in front of me.

Then I went to school crying. I went in the art room where the rest of my class was. Everyone was gathering around me, trying to ask me what was wrong. They way they were asking me was like I was hurt. I was hurt. Letting Liberty go, she took part of my heart. I had a big hole in my heart.

I have this little stuffed animal that was a border collie. Since it looked like Liberty I named it after her. I bring that toy everywhere I go.

I still have flash backs of her.

We kept her ashes with a picture of her next to it in a shelf.

I think of her every day.

But we got Shannon to keep us happy. :)

And Zoe still loves her bubbles.

This was the day when we put Liberty down.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shannon Can You Just Stop

 Shannon please stop putting your mouth somewhere it doesn't belong.

    Shannon (our Pitt bull mix) keeps destroying our toys,underwear,and plushes. (If you are wondering what a plush is, it is a small toy of some thing.) Before we got Shannon a crate or a kennel she was a hand full of pain, and when I mean a hand full pain I mean picking up toilet paper, paper, chewed up pencils, plastic toys, chewed underwear, and dirt.

That is what I mean of a hand full of pain. You can't blame her. She was stubborn at PACC. And when you get in my Mom's bedroom the next thing you know there is cat poop on the floor. Shannon is a lot of work.

   But the good thing is that she is out of the shelter. Now she is in a family that loves her more than anything in the world. Manny, her bestest friend (or boyfriend) in the whole wide world just plays,plays, and plays ALL DAY LONG. What I call that game is Dragons. Dun dun dunnnn SUPER AWESOME MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops... I got carried away... so ya, but they still love each other.

 Some times when Shannon is sleeping next to my mom, Manny would walk on her just to give my mom a kiss, but you have to be careful with his kisses because once he starts he won't stop. (he might lick you face off!)

 But when I look at a dog I don't see just a dog. I see a wonderful being that can change any one's life forever with love, care, and kisses, and I will do any thing to help an animal.

I love my pets more than any thing else in the world. Hopefully you love you pets too. If you don't have a pet go to a shelter and adopt a pet. The dog,cat or an other animal will thank you every day for saving it's life no matter what.