Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pima animal care center(PACC)

Hi there this one is about Pima animal care center also known as PACC and this is why...

One day my mom asked me if I wanted to help the dogs at PACC. So I said yes (I just love helping animals). So mom set up herself, Trent, and I. A few days later we went to PACC.

When we got there it was very and I mean very loud and stinky. After a few minutes we got to walk some dogs. A lot of the dogs there were Pit bulls and Pit bull mixes. I think I remember their names. I know there is Jordan, Chip, Pearl (I named her Pearl)and Polly. 

The next time we went there we learned in training that pit bulls are really sweet dogs and used to be called American sweethearts.
And on that day we walked more dogs named Tonka, Shadow, and Cinnamon. But here is the best part. When Casey (our neighbor) was looking for a sweet dog we said that Cinnamon was the sweetest dog there and that she would smile.

She was a very sweet dog. After the walk we had to go to a meeting and that is were we got our t-shirt and a name tag. Then Casey called us and said she adopted Cinnamon, I was so happy that happened to this wonderful dog. BTW I am sorry this is late.