Monday, September 1, 2014

Spirited Away

It all happened when I was watching The Simpsons...

(Read the whole post first before going to the link.)

  There was an episode of The Simpsons when it had a theme of a movie. I remember watching that movie but I don't remember the name. So my mom looked it up.( Thank goodness we have a computer.) She found out that it was called Spirited Away.

 All I remember is that a little girl (about my age.) was in Japan lost. Her parents smelled some thing  really good, and tried to find it. They found it, it was a food court for the out doors. They began to eat what ever was on the table. The little girl was so scared.

 She ran off. Then she came back and found out that her parents were pigs.(Talk about weird.) That's it. And the movie is 2 hours long.
 I got on the computer and started to look if I could see if I could watch it. (Since it is anime it would be a little weird.) I found it in the afternoon. I watched it and it made so many memories come back. I love the movie. It is probably my favorite movie now.

 If you would like to see it I'll link the website at the end of this post.
P.S I do remember the dragon boy. ;)

Hopefully you'll like it too. Make sure you have permission by you parents to make sure its ok to watch for a younger crowd. (If there is one.)