Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pima animal care center(PACC)

Hi there this one is about Pima animal care center also known as PACC and this is why...

One day my mom asked me if I wanted to help the dogs at PACC. So I said yes (I just love helping animals). So mom set up herself, Trent, and I. A few days later we went to PACC.

When we got there it was very and I mean very loud and stinky. After a few minutes we got to walk some dogs. A lot of the dogs there were Pit bulls and Pit bull mixes. I think I remember their names. I know there is Jordan, Chip, Pearl (I named her Pearl)and Polly. 

The next time we went there we learned in training that pit bulls are really sweet dogs and used to be called American sweethearts.
And on that day we walked more dogs named Tonka, Shadow, and Cinnamon. But here is the best part. When Casey (our neighbor) was looking for a sweet dog we said that Cinnamon was the sweetest dog there and that she would smile.

She was a very sweet dog. After the walk we had to go to a meeting and that is were we got our t-shirt and a name tag. Then Casey called us and said she adopted Cinnamon, I was so happy that happened to this wonderful dog. BTW I am sorry this is late.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stupid Bobcat!

Today (October 18, 2013 9:22 or earlier.) we heard the dogs barking nonstop. So I looked out the sliding glass door ( which is so annoying.) and saw a cat! Now guess what cat it is (on my mom's Facebook page hint hint.)! It was a Bobcat. You are awesome at this game!

So my mom went out and scared it away. It was a beautiful animal mostly for me because there are many more animals for me to see, and I saw one of the right in front of me!

Then it came back but it left right away. After a few minutes it came back (for crying out loud leave us alone!) so my mom went out there... again and it jumped in the tree trying to get in our back yard.

It was really and I mean really scary because it looked like it was going to eat manny too.

Would you want this sweet hyper dog to be eaten? I would say NEVER!!!!!

I am really sorry this came out really late.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Cool Grandma!

My grandma is really cool and sweet.

She is always there for my family, and she makes really good sweets too.They are the BEST sweets ever!

She makes cheesecake,chocolate chip cookies which are really good!She always goes to sales and gets cool stuff. She has 3 dogs Molly, Oh Grady,and Huey. Molly was the little shy one who would always run away from me. But now she is fine with me!

Oh Grady is the one who is always being fine with other people, we can't forget Huey! Huey is the one who is ALWAYS exited about when other people come over.

 Ill do it in order: Oh Grady, Zoe, Molly, Liberty, and Gigi.

I couldn't find a pic with all the dogs but here.


This is me and Huey when he was a little puppy. Well he is big now.That's all I have sorry it came late.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Crazy Mom

Ok last night my neighbor found a baby king snake. She decided to put it in a cage because there's  a snake we're babysitting a Ball Python for like forever!!

Back to the story...So my mom tried to pick it up but...she got bit there was a little blood,but not a whole lot though.

Another time she saw her friend doing a 'Cake In A Cup' thing and of course it was on Facebook! So Mom and I watched it and we wanted to try so we asked her if we can one to try out. So one we got a package from the mail box.

 I know I didn't take that pic I found it on Google.They turn out to be really good too!

So, that is my crazy Mom! What is your mother like?

Friday, September 6, 2013

My First Blog!!!

Hey guys this is Katrina and all I do is just blog about random stuff about my life. I hope you guys enjoy what I will be blogging about,and be sure to check out my mom's blog. See you later!I will blog every week
Oh,and also what do you want me to blog about?