Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Cool Grandma!

My grandma is really cool and sweet.

She is always there for my family, and she makes really good sweets too.They are the BEST sweets ever!

She makes cheesecake,chocolate chip cookies which are really good!She always goes to sales and gets cool stuff. She has 3 dogs Molly, Oh Grady,and Huey. Molly was the little shy one who would always run away from me. But now she is fine with me!

Oh Grady is the one who is always being fine with other people, we can't forget Huey! Huey is the one who is ALWAYS exited about when other people come over.

 Ill do it in order: Oh Grady, Zoe, Molly, Liberty, and Gigi.

I couldn't find a pic with all the dogs but here.


This is me and Huey when he was a little puppy. Well he is big now.That's all I have sorry it came late.


  1. Kat, your Grandma does seem really cool! I hope I can meet her someday. Keep up the awesome blogging!
    Hugs - Sharon

  2. Wow! That is a really great blog, Kat. Looks like I owe you some cookies AND some cheesecake!!!! LOVE YOU!!

  3. You do have an awesome grandma! One of my grandmothers (the one who was really big on manners and proper dressing and would give me a LOOK if I said "yeah" and then a lecture) taught me to eat black olives off my fingertips (olive fingers). None of my grandmothers had dogs. You are lucky : D.