Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Crazy Mom

Ok last night my neighbor found a baby king snake. She decided to put it in a cage because there's  a snake we're babysitting a Ball Python for like forever!!

Back to the story...So my mom tried to pick it up but...she got bit there was a little blood,but not a whole lot though.

Another time she saw her friend doing a 'Cake In A Cup' thing and of course it was on Facebook! So Mom and I watched it and we wanted to try so we asked her if we can one to try out. So one we got a package from the mail box.

 I know I didn't take that pic I found it on Google.They turn out to be really good too!

So, that is my crazy Mom! What is your mother like?


  1. I can't attest to the goodness of a Cake in a Cup, as I was not invited to partake. However, I think Sharon is a real doll for sending it to you! I hope you remembered to say, "Thank you"! Somewhere, there is a poem here: SO--You got a Cake in a Cup?!
    Did you invite me up?
    You know I love cake
    Shoulda asked me to partake!
    Oh--and as your Mom would say
    "They're really fun to make!"

  2. They need to make chocolate cake in a cup. And then I think you, Trent and Danny should do the infommericals for them and become famous! What do you think?
    Your mom was going to put up a picture of the snake or her snake bite, but I haven't seen them yet.
    And as far as my mom, well, I call her Mutti, which is the German word for Mommy. I'm so happy that God gave me a Mom like her. We may not have always got along when I was younger, but she is my best friend now. I've also learned that no one can give hugs like my Mom and sometimes I just stop over her house just for a great big Mutti Hug!
    Loving your blog, Kat! Keep up the great writing!

  3. Thank you Ill do how cool my grandma is next. Then I'm planing to do Lurberty just cuz we had to put her down. <3 )*:

  4. 154 people looked at my blog!!! Mostly cuz it was on Facebook

  5. hey grandma look at my friends blog SHE NEEDS YOU!!!!!

  6. Hi Kat, You are still babysitting the bull snake? Wow. I've never tried cake in a cup. Looks yummy. My mom is crazy too but I guess that probably means I am a crazy mom too. Good job on your blog. Mrs. Hayes

  7. I think I saw chocolate cake in a mug on Pinterest! Your mom and snakes, rats, mice! Not my thing! You are so lucky to have an adventurous mom! Just think the memories you will have and the scrapbookable moments you will have! Great job on your first blog Kat!!!

  8. Thank you,and I miss you Mrs.Hayes what im goging to do with out you!!!

  9. Oh and Mrs.Hayes you can see one of your students too. I bet you know who it is!!

  10. I never heard of Cake in a Cup. Now I know : D.

  11. Yep some times you need some cake in a cup! ... or not. just saying