Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Cool Grandma!

My grandma is really cool and sweet.

She is always there for my family, and she makes really good sweets too.They are the BEST sweets ever!

She makes cheesecake,chocolate chip cookies which are really good!She always goes to sales and gets cool stuff. She has 3 dogs Molly, Oh Grady,and Huey. Molly was the little shy one who would always run away from me. But now she is fine with me!

Oh Grady is the one who is always being fine with other people, we can't forget Huey! Huey is the one who is ALWAYS exited about when other people come over.

 Ill do it in order: Oh Grady, Zoe, Molly, Liberty, and Gigi.

I couldn't find a pic with all the dogs but here.


This is me and Huey when he was a little puppy. Well he is big now.That's all I have sorry it came late.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Crazy Mom

Ok last night my neighbor found a baby king snake. She decided to put it in a cage because there's  a snake we're babysitting a Ball Python for like forever!!

Back to the story...So my mom tried to pick it up but...she got bit there was a little blood,but not a whole lot though.

Another time she saw her friend doing a 'Cake In A Cup' thing and of course it was on Facebook! So Mom and I watched it and we wanted to try so we asked her if we can one to try out. So one we got a package from the mail box.

 I know I didn't take that pic I found it on Google.They turn out to be really good too!

So, that is my crazy Mom! What is your mother like?

Friday, September 6, 2013

My First Blog!!!

Hey guys this is Katrina and all I do is just blog about random stuff about my life. I hope you guys enjoy what I will be blogging about,and be sure to check out my mom's blog. See you later!I will blog every week
Oh,and also what do you want me to blog about?