Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shannon Can You Just Stop

 Shannon please stop putting your mouth somewhere it doesn't belong.

    Shannon (our Pitt bull mix) keeps destroying our toys,underwear,and plushes. (If you are wondering what a plush is, it is a small toy of some thing.) Before we got Shannon a crate or a kennel she was a hand full of pain, and when I mean a hand full pain I mean picking up toilet paper, paper, chewed up pencils, plastic toys, chewed underwear, and dirt.

That is what I mean of a hand full of pain. You can't blame her. She was stubborn at PACC. And when you get in my Mom's bedroom the next thing you know there is cat poop on the floor. Shannon is a lot of work.

   But the good thing is that she is out of the shelter. Now she is in a family that loves her more than anything in the world. Manny, her bestest friend (or boyfriend) in the whole wide world just plays,plays, and plays ALL DAY LONG. What I call that game is Dragons. Dun dun dunnnn SUPER AWESOME MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops... I got carried away... so ya, but they still love each other.

 Some times when Shannon is sleeping next to my mom, Manny would walk on her just to give my mom a kiss, but you have to be careful with his kisses because once he starts he won't stop. (he might lick you face off!)

 But when I look at a dog I don't see just a dog. I see a wonderful being that can change any one's life forever with love, care, and kisses, and I will do any thing to help an animal.

I love my pets more than any thing else in the world. Hopefully you love you pets too. If you don't have a pet go to a shelter and adopt a pet. The dog,cat or an other animal will thank you every day for saving it's life no matter what.


  1. The best reasons I've ever seen for adopting from shelters : ). Thank you for a wonderful post (and I'm thinking the animals thank you too).

  2. This is really good. I know you very well and I still learned things about you. It's easy to see that you will always be a good pet owner. You're the best!!

  3. Another awesome blog post Kat! I love reading your blog. I also think you're awesome for all of the time you spend volunteering at the different pet shelters. If the animals could talk in people voices, I know they would be yelling, "Thank you, Kat!'